Jäger Gestellbau s.r.o., Přeštice

Jäger Gestellbau s.r.o. was established in February 1992. From the very beginning of its existence, the company has been producing wooden carcasses for upholstered furniture.


Short delivery

of prototypes



We produce wooden carcasses for upholstered furniture, both in the form of separate parts, and completely assembled products.


Pre-upholstered carcasses

We often deliver to our customers pre-upholstered furniture carcasses, i.e. including coil springs, spring pads, felt, cardboard, rubber straps, wooden lamellas, foam rubber and diolen.

Classical carcasses,
wooden carcasses

We deliver classical wooden carcasses, and also carcasses with many functions, including special hardware from renowned manufacturers.

Wooden legs for upholstered furniture

We also deliver various types of wooden legs for upholstered furniture based on reference material or samples from our customers.


Short delivery

In very short delivery time, we are able to deliver very small batches of special units, as well as big orders for major manufacturers of upholstered furniture.


Manufacturing of prototypes

In our own sample room, we produce prototypes based on the design drawings or samples obtained from our customers.

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